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Life Coaching to help Re-Ignite your Purpose.

Emotional Intelligence
Leadership Development

Helping people in our communities become better Leaders.

Welcome to

Artistry In Life

As a leader who's an artist, creative, or activist, you have the power to make a positive impact in the world. As your Coach, I am here to support you with the tools and resources you need to succeed. Let's join forces and make the world a better place!

I help Leaders overcome their Fears, get over the shit, and fall in love with their greatness...because everyone deserves that kind of liberation. 

Learn to lead yourself and elevate your inner dialogue.


Pain Is Inevitable,
Suffering Is A Choice.

                                                         -Dalai Lama

Self-Communication is Key

To me the success and failure of any relationship is how well we are able to communicate with each other. More importantly how well we are able to communicate with ourselves. The healthier communication practices we have with ourselves, the healthier relationship we have with Self. This is when we can expand on our true power and in creating impact. 

Sometimes we can feel out of control, and it starts to affect our everyday lives. We can’t function without having to sift through all the voices in our heads. We start to second guess ourselves debating whether what we did or said was right. We get triggered and lash out. It starts to damage our relationships and/or affect our work. And then we just continue to spiral and think we are going crazy. It's a result of our poor communication skills with Self. 

I hold a safe-space and provide tools and concepts to help you identify unhealthy communication patterns, move through triggers and traumas, and address any inner child healing work. I help you expand your understanding of the thoughts and voices in your head and the source of where they come from. I provide and coach you through a Framework that will allow you to make powerful and impactful choices. Choices that will be in more alignment with your Mission Statement and Northstar that I help you develop. 

Through our work together, you will gain better self-communication skills and a healthier relationship with Self. You will have a solid foundation to continue to build from and a practice. You will experience a shift in your mindset, in your ways of being. You will find more ease, flow and grace. You will expand upon the gift you know you are and create the impact you know you are meant to.


"Information, In Formation.
To Integrate, Into Great."

Who This is For

Although this work applies to everyone, I primarily work with artists, creatives, and activists who are conscious about creating impact but feel stuck. I come from a mindset and language of those backgrounds, which allows for more effective and efficient communication.

This is for those who are ready to do the work and have the willingness to change. The willingness to be open to different perspectives and practice different ways of being. This work is easier for those who are ready to stop fighting for their limitations and have the willingness to explore and rediscover the highest versions of who they are. This is for those who are ready and willing to have a better relationship with themselves.


Get ready to start "Feelin' Yourself" again!

Food for Thought

As artists, creatives and activists, we have directors, teachers, or mentors for our chosen medium of expression. We have a person guide us through a process of rehearsal, practice, training, or strengthening and conditioning to help  achieve our best performances.


The question then becomes, why wouldn’t we have someone coach and direct us in our emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing?  Someone who could guide us to a healthier version of ourselves?

If we are in practice at being the best versions of who we are, how do you think it will affect our art, our creativity, our drive to make change in community?

*Parents, this work is also available for your college bound kids looking for this type of coaching.

Purple Skies

"Do What Makes Your Soul Smile."

Artistry In Life Podcast

Welcome! As creatives, we all experience emotional pains and blocks. They can show up as triggers, traumas, or hurts and can become debilitating in our creativity and other areas of our lives.


Artistry in Life Podcast provides concepts and tools to use within a Framework and work through triggers, trauma and hurt. MarKing and Co-Host, Ray, dive deep into the practices to begin your journey in overcoming emotional blocks and pains and start navigating towards happiness.

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Artistry in Life Podcast

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