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Hello! My name is MarKing.

I am a Life Practitioner, Culture Creator, and Personal Coach. I am also an Artist, Creative, and Activist.

Meet your Coach

Trust your intuition and success will follow

To me the success and failure of any relationship is how well we are able to communicate with each other. More importantly how well we are able to communicate with ourselves. The healthier communication practices we have with ourselves, the healthier relationship we have with Self. This is when we can expand on our true power and in creating impact. 

Let's be very real. As Artists, Creatives, and Activists, we tend to be more aware of our feelings. It's what inspires our passion. But sometimes those feelings can get the better of us. Voices of doubt, judgement and worth get louder and harder to stop. Triggers and traumas become more frequent. Things spiral and start to affect other areas of our lives. Sometimes even questioning life itself. 

I know, because this is part my story. Years ago, I was living my life as an artist and creative. Active in the community and doing nonprofit work with different organizations. I was finding my voice. And as a person of color, that was important to me. I challenged old ideas and explored feelings I never knew I was passionate about. I became more vocal. But felt like no one was hearing what I was saying. The more I tried, the louder I spoke, the more I felt like I wasn't being heard. Not being heard brought up past traumas and opening up deep wounds that I didn't even knew I had. It affected my relationships and other areas of my life. I felt like I was always having to defend myself. I kept collecting evidence for my shitty life. I was in victim mode and constantly in a negative mood. It felt like no matter what I said or did, it was shit and just added to the unworthiness I was already feeling. Deep depression. 'Crazy' meant a whole new thing for me. My self-talk was toxic, overwhelming, and wouldn't stop. Brick by brick, I created a story of how I viewed myself and started to hate who I was becoming.

It took time, an enormous amount of compassion and patience in creating a practice of personal development and healing work, to move through my pains of depression, judgement, and doubt. It was long and totally worth the journey.  On a journey such as this, you start to realize there's not a silver bullet that solves all your problems and then you're set. You begin to understand that this is a process and a practice that never ends, but only evolves and grows. It's what is required in order to attain alignment and becoming the best versions of who you are. I knew I wasn't done and carried on with my practice by attending more workshops, trainings, and coaching.  

As I continued to evolve, I began to recognize certain patterns. Patterns in the workshops, trainings, and coaching. Patterns in different modalities. Patterns in human behavior. Patterns in my coaching practice. Patterns within my own behavior. 

And then it hits me! My 'Aha' moment! 

This is the through line with all the patterns and, in a large part, why we experience or see depression, anger, frustration, rage, narcissism, and other mental and emotional deficiencies.  Are you ready...


It's because we have a shitty relationship with self. And the reason why we have that is because we have unhealthy communication practices with self. In other words, our self-talk is shitty!

That's it! I know...ground breaking, right? Maybe not earth shattering. But what we get to understand, is that it's not just about being aware of our self-talk. It's understanding the voices and thoughts in our heads. Where they come from. How they energetically affect us in our self-talk. It's being able to move through unhealthy patterns and developing a loving, compassionate, and healthy relationship with Self. 

And that's what I do...

I help Artists, Creatives, and Activists elevate their inner dialogue, so they can develop a healthier relationship with Self, get their power back and create the impact in the world that they are meant to.

I believe artists, creatives, and activists provide the pulse for humanity.  We tell our stories, our histories. We shape culture. Influence policy. Express our joys. Rage our pains. We provide different perspectives. We challenge the status quo. We help to create the future.

There are so many artists, creatives, and activists that I've seen that never realized their potential. Or some that were 'gone to soon'. In large part because they didn't have a healthy relationship with Self. Do you know anyone like that? 

I believe that if you have a healthier relationship with Self, you can realize the true gift you are. If you realize the gift you are, than you can start create change in your world. And if everyone is collectively realizing their gift and creating change in their worlds, than that's how we can create impact in the World...


This is Artistry in Life.

"Having tools to help navigate through our emotional and mental wellbeing, is something that everyone should have in their life!"

My Mission

My mission is to help people develop a healthy relationship with Self; to help them understand that they are worthy. That they do matter and realize the gift they know to be in the world.


My Vision

My vision is for everyone to realize their Artistry in Life to create positive impact and change in their world.

Meditating on the Beach

"Do what makes your Soul Smile!"

What Else You Get To Know About Me

  • Filipino-American born in the Windy City.

  • Co-Founder and Former Artistic Director of Bindlestiff Studio

  • Former actor

  • Bass player in an LA Hip Hop band

  • Played over a dozen different sports at a competitive level

  • I love playing Disc Golf

  • Professional photographer on the Disc Golf Pro Circuit

  • Lived in over 20 different places around the country and in Asia

  • Favorite song right now, “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison. I also dig Zac Brown’s version, “Free/Into the Mystic”

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