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What To Expect

A Customized Experience 

Where You Will Empower

Change From Within.

Our journey together will take us on a deep dive into emotional intelligence, personal development, and healing. Our goal will be to awaken your Spiritual Warrior and to find what makes your "Soul Smile’." Artistry in Life will provide a new Framework, tools, practices, exercises, and support to keep you accountable. As well as identify and heal triggers and traumas in finding more flow and grace in your life. Our goal will be to elevate your inner dialogue and establish a better relationship with Self.


When you have a better relationship with yourself, you will have better and healthier relationships with others.


"Your Success Depends

On Your Level Of Participation."

What You Need To Know

Coaching is a structure that facilitates personal and/or spiritual development. Coaching is not therapy, counseling, or mental healthcare. I am not a licensed mental health professional, therapist, or psychologist. I am not a substitute or replacement for any such services.

As your coach, I commit to holding space for you. Our sessions will be treated as a sacred sanctuary. Everything we discuss is confidential. We'll engage in deep and powerful work. We get to be very open and honest with each other. Artistry in Life is a safe space. You can speak with confidence and in confidence. 

Know that I'm not here to "fix" you. You are not broken. In our work together, we already know that there is nothing wrong with you and nothing to fix. Our journey together will help enhance the highest versions of who you are. I provide insights and tools to help you have breakthroughs and game-changer moments.


But at the end of the day, it's on you to do the work. Be accountable to yourself.

We get to go as deep as you want. You get to call the shots on how far you want to go. I am here to serve you. Part of my job is to support you in accountability to your goals, see your blind spots and, at times, say the things that you may not want to hear. I am not the person who will tell you what you want to hear because it will make you feel better. With love and compassion, I will be the person that will tell you what you get to hear because I am committed and in service to you. Anything less than that will be doing you a huge disservice. 

Lastly, you gotta want it! You must be willing to do the work! Never give up on yourself!

*Sessions are 3 months. We meet once a week for 1.5 hours via phone, Zoom or Facetime. Longer terms are available upon request.

Final Note On My Beliefs

Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice.

Everyone should have a coach at some point in their lives. The work is proven and invaluable! The importance in having someone guide and keep us accountable through some of our most difficult times can alter our future for the best. So, the question becomes, do you continue to suffer from no action and find yourself in the same stuck spot 5, 10, 15 years from now? Or do you finally stand in your power and do the work? Experience the pain and suffering of growth through dedication and commitment to yourself and become the gift you know to be!



Get a coach that speaks to you. Just like dentists, doctors, and psychologists, not all are equal. Depending on your needs, some may have insights and skills more suitable for you. The key is to find someone that allows you to feel comfortable and safe. At times, you may have to go through a few coaches to find the one that clicks with you. Most reputable coaches have free Discovery Calls or Initial Consultation Calls to see if there is a potential fit.


The important note is that you continue the quest to find a coach that you vibe with and do the work! Having the courage to ask and seek help is a huge step.

So, whether it’s coaching with me or someone else, get a coach! Invest in yourself.


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