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Who Is This For

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Although this work applies to everyone, I primarily work with artists, creatives, and activists. I come from a mindset and language of those backgrounds, which allows for more effective and efficient communication.

This is for those who are ready to do the work and have the willingness to change. The willingness to be open to different perspectives and practice different ways of being. This work is easier for those who are ready to stop fighting for their limitations and have the willingness to explore and rediscover the highest versions of who they are. This is for those who are ready and willing to have a better relationship with themselves.


Get ready to start "Feelin' Yourself" again!

Food for Thought...

As artists, creatives and activists, we have directors, teachers, or mentors for our chosen medium of expression. We have a person guide us through a process of rehearsal, practice, training, or strengthening and conditioning to help  achieve our best performances.


The question then becomes, why wouldn’t we have someone coach and direct us in our emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing?  Someone who could guide us to a healthier version of ourselves?

If we are in practice at being the best versions of ourselves, how do you think it will affect our art, our creativity, our drive to make change in community?

images - 2022-04-02T134932.304.jpg
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

"Our emotional and mental wellbeing and mindset can result from our external environment and our experiences"

*Parents, this work is also available for your college bound kids looking for this type of coaching.

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